About Sweden4D

The Sweden4d is by far the most popular game of chance in Sweden. Although it can seem quite complicated compared to our lotteries in the UK, the information below should help to answer the most frequently asked questions of people who are new to the game.

How much does it cost? It costs £0.50 for the Swedish Lotto 1 at or £1 to go for both Lotto 1 and Lotto 2.

* Unlike the UK lottery, prizes for the Swedish lottery are based on the total lotto pool, meaning the prizes are approximates, they may go up or down each week.

Do I pay any taxes or special fees on my winnings? No, at you won’t pay any extra taxes or special fees on any of your Sweden4D prizes.


THE prizes are as high or higher. The drawings also the fairest among all lotteries. Highest payment of benefits.